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Owner/ Artist

I became a Stylist over 27 years ago and still love coming to the salon each and every day. My clients are my Muse I love working them to find the perfect look to fit their personality and lifestyle.We have a lot of fun together at CLS and I couldn't ask for more! Contact me directly at


Color Loft Studio Owner

I am a dedicated passionate stylist in a small package! Though my chair has been lowered I still need my tip toes from time to time and my clients are always joking about it.I love my job for many reasons but my top 2 would have to be the amazing relationships I get to create with my guests and the art of doing hair itself. No one loves a good transformation more than me and I surely feel blessed when a client trusts me with the task! I am committed to making sure my clients are happy with their look and love sharing lightheartedness and laughter during our time together. Though I seem small I will never stop growing or reaching for my best to help my clients reach their's.
Contact me directly at



Color Loft Studio Owner

I am artistic and passionate about my craft!  iI feel very fortunate to have been a hairstylist for more than 10 years and absolutely love making my clients look and feel their best.I give my all  to everything I do and it is my top priority to make sure my clients are satisfied when they leave my chair. Hair color has my heart but I also enjoy cutting and design. Continuing to learn and grow is a must and the sky is the limit in this industry.On the weekends you will find me at home or off to some sporting event with my 3 Kiddos who are my life. Constantly growing, learning and laughing keep me humble and grateful for all I have been given. Contactme directly at


Color Loft Studio Owner

I truly believe that being a hairstylist is my calling! I am incredibly passionate about the creative side of my job but just as passionate about getting to meet and connect with new people all of the time.  One of the things that I believe sets me apart is that I love to educate my clients about how to style their hair at home. I mean, what’s the use of getting a great in-salon style if what I gave you, you cannot re-create yourself?

      I am also just as passionate about educating myself!  I attended many educational trainings a year, not only in the salon but outside of the salon as well.   My favorite specialty service I offer are Natural Beaded Rows™️ Hair Extensions. I traveled to California for a week to become certified in the method after passing a 6 month

pre- training requirement. 

      All seriousness aside, It doesn’t takelong to realize that I love to have fun with my clients and my sassy snarky sense of humor is all part of the experience when you sit in my chair.  So, if you’re looking for great hair with a touch of sass and a sprinkle of humor, I’m your girl! Contact me directly at



Color Loft Artist

I love people and thrive on creativity!
These 2 things made becoming a stylist a no brainer over 10 years ago. I am passionate about my profession there is no doubt, from the special relationships I get to make with my clients to the creativity I thrive on and a schedule that allows me to put family first I just feel super blessed. If you sit in my chair you can expect me to help you fing the right style as I pride myself on leading my clients to have the hair of their dreams, Continuing  Education never gets old to me and I cant imagine a life behind the chair without it. When I am not in the salon I am a total nature nerd, finding new parks and trails with my young daughter is how I spend my free time. Moving back to my hometown from Columbus where I spent the first 10 years of my carreer has made me realize how much I had missed my small town peeps! If you are looking for someone to get to know you and your hair I am your Girl! I look forward to building another beautiful clientele full of beautiful souls.


Color Loft Artist

I Love tapping into my creative side and seeing my clients smiling from ear to ear when I show them their finished look! Meeting people has always been a favorite for me and listening to their stories, hair related and other, really fills my cup as a stylist. I have been told I am a good listner and I definitely tune into that skill with all my new and exesting guests. Just a little about me, I have a twin brother, a weiner dog named Chandler, I often sing while working and my favorite person is my mom ( I tell her everything). So if your looking for a talkative, sweet, inventive stylist I just might be your girl :)




I have always had a passion for making people look and feel as beautiful as they are! My all time favorite thing to do is skincare. I love to help my clients address all skin issues from aging to acne I can always perscribe a treatment that helps them look their best. Many people are surprised to find out that I am Vegan and have been for a long time ( I have lots of tips on food choices just ask) I am also a boy mom, cat enthusist and travel to New Youk often to see my bestie! So if your ready for some serious self care visit my studio on the 2nd floor of Color Loft.

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